Yes,  bringing your dog's food helps avoid stomach upset and provides continuity. 

We have a refrigerator and microwave to accommodate just about any food!

Should I Bring My Dogs Food?

What Should I Bring?


What other kinds of dogs will my dog play with?


Do I need to fill out a form every time my dog boards?


Do you have a cancelation fee?


Should I bring bedding for my dog?


can my dog be walked?


How often will my dog go outside?


What's the difference between a grooming and a bath?

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We have several play rooms so that we can separate dogs by size and temperament.


The Boarding and Daycare Agreement is filled out once. However, a boarding check in form should be filled out for every stay.


There is no fee. However, we appreciate advance notice.


You can if you prefer, but we have plenty here!


Yes, a 20-30 min walk through the park can be provided for $10.


Approximately every 2 hours, usually depending on the weather.


When you bring your dog in for a bath he'll get a shampoo, conditioning, nail trim and ear cleaning. *For a small additional charge paws, pads, and a sanitary trim can be added.

A groom is all of the above, plus a hair cut or shave down (full hair cut).

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What's the daily schedule?