They treat Yeager like family. I can go away on vacation knowing Yeager is enjoying her days and being treated like the princess she is! Yeager looks so forward to her days there, it makes me a happy doggie Mom!

Neumann Family

The Water Bowl staff love the animals in their care and develop unique & fun ways to entertain the “kids”. Cooper loves going to “school” and playing with his friends. He loves the playground equipment and pool but most of all he loves his caregivers!

Hardison Family

Why YOUR PET will love The Water Bowl:

  • From the moment they arrive until they leave, dogs are free to play with other canine companions, toys and staff members.
  • Our daycare guests are taken outside approximately every two hours to get plenty of fresh air.
  • After playing and socializing with friends, your pet gets to go home with their best friend.

Why YOU will love The Water Bowl:

  • Exercise curbs destructive behavior and keeps weight down.
  • You will have peace of mind, knowing that trained professionals are caring for your pet in a comfortable, safe, fun environment.
  • Our friendly and welcoming staff will greet you and your pet every time you walk in the door. Our daycare and boarding packages make it easy for you to drop off your pet and get out the door quickly.
  • Location, location, location. We are conveniently located in downtown Geneva.

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